Do we have white shipping boxes?
If you're looking for white shipping boxes, you can let us know by using the Box Request Form and we'll try to find the box to fit your needs.

Do we only sell wholesale shipping boxes?
We only buy and sell wholesale, if you're looking for smaller amounts for moving, packing, and storage, please go to

Do we sell recycled shipping boxes?
Our goal is to increase box re-use before recycling. The more care our society takes with it's used moving, packing, shipping, and storage boxes, the less trees need to be cut down. To learn more about the costly and destructive process of making new boxes please view this educational video.

Do we sell cheap shipping boxes?
Because we buy and sell by volume, we're able to offer great prices. We have distribution centers all over the country that ship to all major U.S. cities and parts of Canada so we are able to offer competitive shipping prices to your door.

Do we only sell corrugated shipping boxes?
Most of our boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, if you need containers made of other materials or cardboard types, please let us know.

Do we sell gaylord boxes?
Gaylord boxes are perfect for multi-purpose box needs. If you're transporting mass quantities of small items or protecting large ones they're a great solution ready made for pallet transportation.